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HPV on men and their penis is not an uncommon thing but as we may know, it happens to be one of the many medical conditions associated with sexual intercourse and as such, there are certain stereotypes associated with it.

When I first experienced symptoms of this debilitating illness, I responded just like any typical man would – I downplayed the symptoms and even thought they were mere side effects of a foreign substance. However, as the pain was persistent, I thought it would be a prudent thing to seek medical intervention before the situation got worse. The one thing that pushed me to seek treatment was the fact not only were the symptoms persistent, they were so profound on my penis and anus that the resultant pain and discomfort was simply unbearable.

Some of the symptoms I experienced included anal bleeding, discharge and pain as well as inflammation in the anal and groin areas. As for my penis, I especially did not like the idea of skin thickening and tissue buildup around the penile area and coupled with the pain that showed no signs of letting up, I thought to myself – something had to give. Whenever we are faced with such problems and are clueless as regards whom to approach, the internet has always come in handy.

I went online and searched for the best reviews of doctors specializing in HPV in men and after sifting through loads of reviews, I landed on one that appeared most promising. The review on Dr. Lauber portrayed him as one of the most professional HPV doctors in the city of Newport Beach with years of experience in the medical service so I did not hesitate- I took the contacts, made a call and then secured an appointment.

The first thing I liked about this doctor was the fact that he ran a clinic with highly-trained professionals. We always long for that professional touch whenever we visit hospitals and truth of the matter is, we rarely find it. I found the clinic support really helpful and responsive because the first time I called, they did not hesitate to confirm that the doctor I was looking for actually practiced in there. Even better, they made the whole process of securing an appointment a piece of cake. As if that was not enough, they got back to me the day before my appointment just to remind me of it, in case I forgot.

When I arrived at the clinic, I was overwhelmed by the reception. I was ushered into the doctor’s room and the consultations began immediately. I reckoned the average wait time in the clinic to be around 10 minutes, which by all standards, was amazing. My consultation session with Dr. Lauber began and as we talked, I could see a man with a passion to help HPV patients. He first began by making me feel at ease as he told me he encounters so many patients like me on daily basis and that my condition was not unique to me so I had no reason whatsoever to feel alone.

A few minutes after the consultations, Dr. Lauber prescribed a few drugs to help with my situation. I must say that even before beginning my drug therapy, I was already feeling half-healed, thanks to the human treatment and a profound sense of understanding displayed by this doctor. He took the fear from me and made me feel worthy again after days of despondency. There are so many things we look for in a medic and I can say without fear of contradiction that I found those in Dr. Lauber. Therefore, if anyone is looking for the best HPV doctor in Newport Beach, I would not hesitate to recommend him for his professionalism, competence and unparalleled sense of humanity.